Glass Lizzard

WORK Glass Lizzard. What does the future of skincare look like? Diverse, modern, and silky smooth. BRANDING / WEBSITE DESIGN / PHOTOGRAPHY / POST PRODUCTION / SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT / COPYWRITING / LOGO DESIGN / PACKAGING DESIGN Glass Lizard is a future-facing skin brand for every tone, texture, and type of skin. We redesigned their […]


WORK SIDIZ. SIDIZ, Korea’s largest chair brand, asked Skoop how they can bring a seat to the American table. The results? Eye-catching content that highlights SIDIZ’ superior comfort and luxury features to American sensibilities. CREATIVE DIRECTION / PRODUCTION / PHOTOGRAPHY / POST PRODUCTION / SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT / COPYWRITING SIDIZ, Korea’s largest chair brand (owning […]


WORK Hummy. Hummy, a seltzer start up approached us with 3 delicious products. They left with a brand. PRODUCTION / PHOTOGRAPHY/ WEBSITE DESIGN / CONTENT CREATION / SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT / Tasked with developing their branding, website, and social media, SKOOP zeroed in on what makes alcohol so fun – bringing people together. In designing […]


WORK Daedo. In LA’s competitive restaurant scene, how does a Korean BBQ sizzle above the competition? MARKETING PLAN / PRODUCTION / PHOTOGRAPHY / POST PRODUCTION / SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT / WEBSITE CREATION / INFLUENCER MARKETING / OFFLINE EVENTS Before launching 2021 in the US, Daedo Sikdang hired Skoop to strategize how to stand out in […]

Ottogi – Sunshine Box

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Ottogi Sunshine Box client need With an established and strong presence in ethnic markets, Ottogi America, saw the potential of expanding into the digital and mass market. However with little online exposure, and no social media accounts, the challenge was a hurdle. Ottogi America, Inc. was established in Los Angeles, California in May 2005 and […]