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what’s the scoop on skoop? we’re a full service marketing agency, helping you build your company, expand your reach, promote your products, engage with your customers, let people know about your services, or Anything you may want to market!

we have in house services ranging from, video/content creation, social media management, branding/rebranding, and google ads services. skoop is also a bilingual, female-led company that nurtures diversity and inclusion.

Seeing is Believing. Believing is seeing your vision become Reality

We Do


integrated brand campaigns

integrated 360 campaigns
6 mo. or 1 year marketing plan


& website design

all-in-one branding kit
packaging, promo products
digital/social design
website design


commercial video production

Branding Video 
Commercial Video
Youtube Video
Pre-production to Post-production


digital marketing social & google

Google Marketing
Youtube Marketing
FB, IG, Pinterest
TikTok online marketing


social account management

Facebook & Instagram Mamangement 
Content Creation
Engagement Activity
Monthly Report


influencer marketing

Influencer, Content,
Social strategy
Content creation
Influencer communication
Research, Insight & Reporting

our case studies

Ottogi - Sunshine Box
Cosmos - Kimchi Box

our clients


hurry! You have 3 seconds to get my attention…now that we have your attention, take a scroll through our production reels, and see how a great video can help grab jaded eyes scrolling through countless content. grab potential sales with eye catching ads, social videos, youtube content on platforms across the online world.

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