ModaModa ModaModa The Briefing ModaModa was first developed in collaboration with Professor Haeshin Lee who received his Ph. D. in biomedical engineering at Northwestern University. Their goal was to create the ultimate solution to a healthy scalp and hair. They did this by creating the first natural hair-darkening shampoo that utilized nature’s anti-oxidation principles. MODA […]

Champagne Dream BTS

Skoop Production - Champage Dream BTS

Champagne Dream BTS Champagne Dream BTS The Briefing Collaboration project between all of the different talents we have and are working with. Photographer, Set Designer, Prop Stylist, Fashion Stylist, Hair & Makeup Artist, Models, Cinematographer; all coming together to create this “Dream” project to come true. The challenge Working with multiple different professionals in their […]

Daedo Sikdang

Skoop Production - Daedo Sikdang

Daedo Sikdang Daedo Sikdang The Briefing Daedo Sikdang first opened in 1964 near a butcher shop in Ma-Jang-Dong. Since the beginning they worked diligently to serve only the best quality Han-Woo (Korean) ribeye.Daedo’s prestige was acknowledged in Louis Vuitton City Guide, Asahi TV, CNN, Tvn andmany other media sources . In 2017, the city of […]

NavienMate – Dreaming

Skoop Production - NavienMate Dreaming

NavienMate NavienMate The Briefing  NavienMate is #1 in Global Market Shares in condensing technology. Our focused product was NavienMate’s ‘Bed Warming Mattress Topper,’ which utilized water rather than the traditional electricity that many other companies use.  The challenge The goal here was to reeducate and correct the common misconceptions that bed warming technology was harmful to […]

Park Group Real Estate

Park Group Real Estate Branding Video

Park Group Real Estate The Briefing Park Group Real Estate, a real estate broker located in Chino Hills, CA is dedicated to providing exceptional services to his clients, employees and the community. It’s the place where all home businesses are taken care of. In creating a fun and engaging social ad content, Samuel Park (CEO) […]

Cosmos Kimchi

Cosmos Kimchi Instructional Video

Cosmos Kimchi Cosmos Kimchi The Briefing Kimchi can be a time-consuming and daunting process for most. That is why Cosmos came out with their very own signature sauce that makes the process both tasty and easy! For this project, Cosmos came to us with the intent of creating a Kimchi Making Tutorial with their new […]

Woongjin ARpedia

Skoop Production - Woongjin ARpedia Video

Woongjin Woongjin The Briefing Woongjin Thinkbig Co., Ltd (based in South Korea) not only specializes in early childhood education it is the leading company. Woongjin approached us with a specific vision on their mind for their newly launched Ed-Tech device called ‘ARpedia.’ ARpedia integrates Augmented Reality technology in paper books to maximize the vivid images […]

Chumchurum Commercial

Chumchurum Commercial Chumchurum Commercial The Briefing Lotte beverages are celebrating 75 years! To launch this occasion, they are launching Milkis and Chilsung Cider in a new can. Nothing goes better with these drinks than mixing with the soju Chumchurum. Crisp, refreshing, and 17% for those counting. The challenge Lotte came to Skoop with a unique […]

Maker’s Kitchen

Skoop Production - Maker's Kitchen Commercial

Maker’s Kitchen Maker’s Kitchen The Briefing Maker’s Kitchen is an All Natural, Organic produce, and bar manufacturer. With their farms and organic crops, Maker’s Kitchen launched a new Energy Bar. Made from dried fruits and nuts from their farms. While currently based and sourced from California, their market share is in Korea. The challenge Maker’s […]

Ottogi Game Ad

Skoop Production - Ottogi America Game App Ad

Ottogi Game Ad Ottogi Game Ad The Briefing Ottogi America, Inc. was established in Los Angeles, California in May 2005 and has grown rapidly in US market with the exclusive knowledge and experience of Korean foods. The top priority of our mission is serving America with a diversity of high qualified Korean food products, such […]