Champagne Dream BTS

Skoop Production - Champage Dream BTS

Champagne Dream BTS Champagne Dream BTS The Briefing Collaboration project between all of the different talents we have and are working with. Photographer, Set Designer, Prop Stylist, Fashion Stylist, Hair & Makeup Artist, Models, Cinematographer; all coming together to create this “Dream” project to come true. The challenge Working with multiple different professionals in their […]

Daedo – Case Study

Skoop Case Studies - Daedo Sikdang

Daedo Sikdang client need Create a Daedo unique branding; differentiating it from all other Korean BBQ restaurants in Los Angeles. Create high-quality contents that emphasizes Daedo’s specialty; the premium ribeye steak. Trendy and Friendly branding is key. Create campaigns and events to further the reach of the Daedo brand to the American market. Collaborate with […]