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Welcome to SkoopMarketing

Hi, and welcome to SkoopMarketing! We are the marketing agency that turns your creative vision into reality. We recently moved to a studio in Fullerton, California, right in the heart of Orange County.

Before our studio, Skoop started in a small apartment located in Downtown LA. Instead of shuffling around furniture and letting boxes of props pile up, we’re excited to have shifted our growing start-up to this new location because now we can handle all of your creative needs and go home to a normal-looking apartment. So, we’d like to introduce you to our new space.

Let’s show you around…

The Studio

Our 1000 sq. ft. in-house studio with lighting and camera equipment

Our built-in studio is where we do all of our filming and photoshoots. Right now, you see it at its cleanest. On busy shoot days, there are at least three of us in there with an armful of props. Our portable white walls allow us to  customize the process even more, as they can completely change depending on the set we need. When we do find that ideal set, we then personalize the backdrop, lighting, and of course, props. We even offer rentals for our studio here!

The Props

Props are essential in creating the perfect content. We’re swimming in rolls of seamless paper, an assortment of dishware, and funky utensils. These help elevate the look of our clients’ products and add a little liveliness to the shoot. 


The Makeup Room

Makeup room for talents

Next up on is our makeup room, complete with Hollywood style mirrors that have  also been used as a prop. When we shoot campaigns with models and influencers, this space makes sure they always feel camera ready.


The Meeting Room

Meeting and lounge room

Come in and sit down for a brainstorming session. Here is where we’ll collaborate and get a feel for the vision. This bright and minimalistic space is a great place to meet with our clients, have productive meetings, or laugh over some lunch.


Thanks for joining us on this tour! We would love to see more of you and are even launching our Youtube channel very soon for everyone to get to know Skoop better. In the meantime, come on in and meet us. There’s snacks, coffee, and an  option of a skoop of marketing on the side.

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