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Our Custom Tabletops

Product shooting requires different moods and atmospheres in order to convey unique messages for all our clients and their products. Having that right setting can be a make or break moment when it comes to communicating the vision and enhancing the experience. What better way to do so than by creating your own custom table tops?

For example, blue and gold surfaces are ideal for showing off accessories, food, and even for hand modeling, while 3D textures turn mundane products into luxury items. Taking it one step further, we can also  combine these tabletops to create various floors and backdrops.

The Supplies

Every tabletop starts with a field trip to The Home Depot. You will need paint, a spatula, plaster of Paris, spackle, a wide-toothed brush, and a trowel. You’ll also need a lot of trays to avoid mixing the colors and textures together.

The Process

Starting off with a blank slate

Now for the fun part! There’s no right way to do it, so take your time and be creative. You can even use leftover supplies that are just lying around the house for this Sunday afternoon art project. 

If you know you’ll be wanting to finish it off with a metallic coating, try this fun tip. Instead of fully holding the nozzle down, apply just enough pressure to get drips and larger droplets of paint to come out. That technique adds extra depth in terms of texture, specifically with darker colors such as black or navy.

You can see in our photos that we have made tabletops with all sorts of color schemes. For some,  we went for a textural feel while others we opted for a clean white aesthetic. The main thing is that each piece is handmade and can stand on its own as an art piece. 

Once your project is finished, use it as a photo backdrop or frame it!

The Tabletops

For this brown tone, we added lots of layers (similar to putting on makeup). Keep going until you reach that perfect shade.
This midnight blue tabletop was speckled with a metallic gold to add more dimension.
We added 3D elements to this off-white tabletop by streaking plaster for texture.

Tag @skoopmarketing on our socials if you get a chance to be creative and make your own tabletops. You can check out our YouTube channel for more information or to get another skoop of marketing on the side!


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