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Design an influencer campaign PR box that would initiate the expansion of Cosmos Food Co.’s social media presence, refresh their website design, and create an advertising video campaign for their new product, “Cosmos Kimchi Sauce.”

Skoop Case Studies - Cosmos

“Your One-Stop Shop for Everything Kimchi” 

 Labeled the “Fermenting Revolution,” by the Los Angeles Times, NBC, and CBS, Cosmos Food Co. has been a leading Korean food manufacturer in North America for nearly 50 years. Established in 1971 in Los Angeles, CA, Cosmos Food Co. is now the largest Kimchi factory in the United States. Cosmos Food Co.’s goal is to keep its authentic flavor by incorporating traditional family recipes and techniques while appealing to a wide variety of customers. Today, you can choose from their many kimchi varieties (Vegan, organic, and non-msg options inclusive), available directly on their website or at Costco.

we tailored a package that included the following

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the design service

Included in the Cosmos Box: 


Exterior: Cosmos Kimchi Box

Interior: Thermal Insulation Bag (to include Cosmos Kimchi product) 

Additive Aspect: “How to Handle Kimchi Jars” Instructional Card

Skoop Case Studies - Cosmos

Exterior: Cosmos Kim chi Box Design & Production

Creative & Brand-Authentic Packaging:

We know that branded packaging is undeniably the most crucial aspect of a PR package. Therefore to successfully appeal to the eyes of influencers and social media users, we decided on a youthful, colorful, and creative design, while keeping Cosmos’ authentic brand image. 

The Process:

We first presented 5 prototypes with varying color schemes and designs; all reminiscent of Cosmos’ central brand image and their product, Kimchi. Debating the styles of minimalism vs. youthfulness, together with Cosmos, we concluded that a bright color scheme, combined with bubbly graphics would be the most enticing choice.  In our final box design, you may notice the inclusion of Cosmos’ many kimchi varieties. 

One critical priority of Cosmos Food Co. is to be inclusive to all palettes and diet types. Therefore we implemented this design element, to articulate the variation of Cosmos’ Kimchi types and spark the interest of future customers. Additionally, included at the front is Cosmos Kimchi’s bestseller: the Napa Cabbage Kimchi. 

Interior: Insulation Bag Cosmos Food Co. Merch

Inside the “Cosmos Kimchi Box” is a Thermal Insulated Bag that will keep the contents inside, fresh for delivery. This bag also functions as promotional merchandise. 


Simply put, a win-win.

Additive Element: Instructional Card

Included in the “Cosmos Box” is a “How-To-Handle-Kimchi-Jars” illustration card that informs recipients on how to take care of their gifted product. 


This allows for a more personalized feel to each package, as it gives the illusion of a handwritten instructional note.

the content creation

“How-to-Make-Kimchi” Instructional Video

An advertisement that highlights the use of Cosmos’ newest product: “Cosmos Kimchi Sauce.

The Fun & Ease of Making Kimchi with Cosmos Kimchi Sauce: 

Making kimchi at home can be a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. 

That is why in this video we wanted to emphasize the fun and ease of making kimchi with Cosmos’ Kimchi Sauce. We did this by focusing on simple steps, clear visuals, and captivating transitions in hopes of showing the audience just how valuable and useful this product can be.

the product photography

The Power of Strong Product Photography: 

93% of consumers consider visual content to be the key deciding factor in a purchasing decision. As a one-stop-shop for all of your kimchi needs, we want to provide Cosmos Food Co. with the best resources possible to market successfully to their audience.

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